Fourth of July picnics, backyard barbecues, and family reunions - summer is here! Sharing food with family and friends often evokes memories of Mom's home cooking. Ask your group to talk about the meaning of the phrase, "Just like Mom used ... Read more


Warm weather and the sound of a distant train whistle will often evoke memories of America's past. Train travel was the nation's preferred means of transportation in the early 20th century. As teens and young adults in the 1930s and 1940s, ... Read more


Snicker, chuckle, giggle, chortle, hoot, and cackle - have you had a good laugh today? Laughter and humor appeal to people of all ages. Older adults, in particular, can attest to the value of a good sense of humor. It helps to keep life in ... Read more


If you listen carefully to stories and tales told by older adults, many involve a beloved member - the family pet! The unconditional love and affection of a four-legged friend is powerful. Millions of American households own at least one ... Read more


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A hobbyist likes to engage in an activity for fun as opposed to profit. But some people have such a gift and passion for their hobby that they take it to a new level. Ask your group: How do amateur hobbyists turn into professionals? Do you ... Read more


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The year is 1932. America is in the throes of the Great Depression. Bank failures, farm and home foreclosures, and a host of unemployed people blanket much of the country. Citizens are looking for a new leader to deal with the economic ... Read more


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Consider the words of American novelist Pearl Buck: "If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday." The same thing can be said of people. If you want to know your clients, start by reflecting on their personal history. This ... Read more